All Sessions begin the week of November 20th, 2023 and run until February 25th, 2024 (or as outlined below in the program.

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Friday, December 22nd, 2023 to Sunday Jan 7, 2024

Family Day Weekend February 16-19th, 2024

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Ball Mastery

In this clinic players will learn how to master the ball. The sessions will focus on the individual – first touch/receiving, turning/shielding, dribbling, outplay skills, running with the ball, ball striking techniques.

The aim is to help make the players more comfortable on the ball and able to impact the game in possession.
Week 1: First touch
Week 2: Turning
Week 3: Dribbling
Week 4: Ball striking – range of passing
Week 5: Receiving out the air
Week 6: Shielding, rolling defenders to shoot
Week 7: Running with the ball – end product
Week 8: Ball striking – through passes
Week 9: Outplay Moves
Week 10: Ball striking – finishing/shooting
SKU Day/Time/Location Price
WCOMP480 Ball Mastery Friday 5.30-6.30p @ Sooners Dome $320
WCOMP481 Ball Mastery Friday 5.30-6.30p @ Sooners Dome $320
WCOMP482 Ball Mastery Sunday 4-5pm @ Algonquin College $320
WCOMP483 Ball Mastery  Sunday 4-5pm @ Algonquin College $320


*Groups will be split by ability

Positional Clinic
In our positional clinic we have broken down key aspects of the game which we will train in isolation. Players can expect to get high repetitions performing key actions related to different positions. The curriculum will be designed so that any player can benefit from learning the nuances of different roles – for example a striker can still benefit from learning how to block a cross if they are having to run back on a defensive transition… a central defender can benefit from learning how to finish a 1on1 chance in the case they find themselves joining the attack.

Below is the curriculum
In possession topics:
Week 1: Movement to support underneath, breaking lines
Week 2: Switching the point of attack
Week 3: Playing in the pocket, finding half spaces, turning to attack
Week 4: Penetrating runs in behind, through passes
Week 5: Shooting, using screens, snapshots
Week 6: Crossing and Finishing

Out of possession topics:
Week 7: Forward pressing, how to direct play, setting traps
Week 8: Screening, anticipating/reading cues intercepting
Week 9: Working as a unit, shifting, dropping, stepping up together
Week 10: Red zone defending, blocking crosses, closing down shots, winning headers

SKU Day/Time/Location Price
WCOMP484 Positional Training Thursday 8.30-9.30p @ Sooners Dome $320
WCOMP485 Positional Training Thursday 8.30-9.30p @ Sooners Dome $320

*Groups will be split by ability