Our Winter Competitive Program provides a comprehensive schedule for all our players.

The Winter Program will follow our Club’s developing player plan to help progress key game concepts, develop technical proficiency and consistency, and assist in the process of developing a growth mindset. Notably, a key goal from our Club TD is to make sure our players are able and willing to compete, physically and mentally, with the strongest teams in the area.

Our programming is centered around providing those one sport soccer athletes with a structured and complete winter program while still catering to players who would like to participate in 1 or 2 sessions per week.


All Sessions begin the week of November 23rd, 2020 and run for 12 weeks ending February 26th.

No sessions:

Saturday December 19th, 2020 to Sunday January 4th, 2021

Family Day Weekend February 12-15th, 2020

We ask that all players register by date November 8th.

For the 2020/21 Winter Program, we will be moving to a Pay-Per-Session Model. Members will sign up for the individual session/sessions that they will participate in. Each session will have a specific cost assigned to it. The individual cost per session is calculated by the number of sessions that will take place during the winter, turf space used and length of the session. If you register for multiple sessions, you will receive a multi session discount, which will be calculated when you check out in POWERUP.

Players will need to register for the specific day and time they will attend. This is different to previous years where we had players register for a specific number of sessions and turn up to whichever sessions works for them on any specific week. We have changed to this model due to Covid-19 and gives us greater control of the specific numbers we will have at any specific session.

Registration Process.

Log In to your Powerup account

Select the session/sessions you would like to participate in

Add To Basket

Complete the waivers

Go to Basket (Your Total amount will have then been calculated)


For further information please see links to the important documents below:

Ottawa City Soccer Club Return to Play Guide

Winter FAQ

Ensure your child is healthy and has no sign of COVID-19 symptoms; complete the following PRIOR TO EACH SESSION:

Player Self-Assessment Tool

Please review Winter 20-21 Protocols and Procedures for each Dome/ Facility we are using.

Please note – OCSC requires you to do TeamSnap health check, and also you are required to fill out the facility survey before each session. This is very important and mandatory due to COVID-19 requirements.

Questions? Please review the FAQ to contact the appropriate staff member.

2013/14 Boys

Program Team Practice Venue Cost
WCOMP329 All Friday 6-7pm Sooners Dome  
WCOMP330 All Sunday 8-9am Sooners Dome  

2012 Boys

Program Team Practice Venue Cost
WCOMP331 Premier Friday 6-7pm Sooners Dome  
WCOMP332 Premier Sunday 8-9am Ben Franklin Dome  
WCOMP333 Tier 1 Saturday 1:30-3pm Sooners Dome