For players who seek more challenges and are more serious about the game, Ottawa City Soccer Club’s Competitive programs provide a focused, academy training atmosphere dedicated to elevating the level of each individual player from average to good, good to great, and through to exceptional. We do this through a holistic approach that continuously strengthens technical, tactical, physical, and psychological fundamentals of the game in ways that benefit both the individual and team.

Providing a high-level of instruction and training, OCSC offers different tiers of competitive play within a complete pathway designed to strategically realize a player’s full potential. While fun is a core characteristic of our Competitive program, players develop through competition, tournaments, and games against other regional clubs.

Competitive tiers within each program: Players are assigned to Premier and T1/T2 (district) competitive divisions based on coaching assessments. Within each tier, teams are represented by colours (Blue, Silver, Lime, etc.). There is player mobility between teams and tiers based on performance and the need for callups.

Commitment required: Premier teams have 4 events per week and T1/T2 district teams have 3 events per week. This includes some weekend training and festivals. Travel to games is also required. Demand to join OCSC’s Competitive program is high: earning a spot to play means that another player will be unable to do so. As such and in the interest of fairness, we expect our competitive level players to maintain an 85% event attendance record to remain in the program.

Sessions: Our Competitive programs run in seasonal sessions:

Spring/Summer session: starts in March and runs until mid-September

Fall session (U8-U18): 6-7 weeks running mid-September through October

Winter session: starts in late November and runs until the end of February.

Please see Program description section below for overviews.

Age range for competitive programs: U6 to U18 (see chart below)

How do I know which age group is right for my child?

The birth year of your child dictates what program age group they will play in.

In each program name, the number next to the “U” represents the age your child will by the end of the program session you are registering for. For example, all players in our U6 winter sessions will be 6-years old by the end of the winter season.

For our 2023 winter programs & 2024 Summer Seasons, players are aligned by age to programs as follows:

Born in 2020 -U4 Born in 2019 -U5 Born in 2018 -U6 Born in 2017 – U7
Born in 2016 – U8 Born in 2015 – U9 in 2014 – U10 Born in 2013 – U11
Born in 2012 – U12 Born in 2011 – U13 Born in 2010 – U14 Born in 2009 – U15
Born in 2008 – U16 Born in 2007 – U17 Born in 2006 – U18 Born in 2005 – U19/ Adults

Registration process

Before you register:

  1. Determine the right age division for the player.
  2. Identify the Program you want to participate in based on the details below
  3. Create an account.

To register:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Select your Program
  3. Add to basket.
  4. Complete the waivers.
  5. Return to basket and check out.

Note: Once Program Registration closes (programs can not be selected) – please contact our registrar to inquire if space is still available – an account is required to be added to our programs once closed. Please review our New Member Registration Guide below to assist you.

Need Help – Review your our New Member Registration Guide

Mandatory Parents Meeting for all U9-U18 Ottawa City Competitive players.

Planned for Monday April 8th, and Thursday April 11th – Age Group Times and confirmed date to be shared when the offer letters are sent. Meeting will be held in Nepean, ON during the evening.

Program descriptions

Future Stars (U6-U7)

Emphasis is placed on improving game fundamentals and movement with the ball within game contexts (i.e. ball control, changing direction, passing, kicking). Coaches foster a fun and engaging learning environment where players acquire and strengthen foundational soccer skills with lots of informal play and positive reinforcement. Sessions are led by experienced members of our full-time technical and coaching staff with support from junior staff who are fantastic role models for younger players. View program, schedule and pricing | Register now

Early Development Program (U8)

Our Early Development Program is a fun, technical based program focused on strengthening key fundamental soccer skills and building game awareness. Players are guided and instructed by Technical staff members with extensive experience and expertise training players at this key developmental stage. Sessions are divided into 30-minute “Skills Zone” (drills that build confidence, develop/improve skills, and increase the ability of players to control and manipulate the ball) and 30-minute “Game Zone” sessions of 5 vs 5 players in small-sided soccer games.

Players in this U8 program get the chance to compete with other teams in the Capital region. Since its inception, this program has been hugely successful and the quality of players graduating into the next level our competitive stream is very high. View program, schedule and pricing | Register now

Learn to Train (U9-U12)

In this age group, we prioritize individual development and team performance over winning a game: the former being foundations that last a lifetime. Coaches focus on the in-game application of aspects learned in training rather than just on the scoreline. The players learn soccer best practices in diverse player and team scenarios and how to apply them within a club style of play. Parents should understand and support our coaches and players according to this philosophy. Players in this program compete with other teams in the Capital region with some travel required. Teams are often balanced by distributing stronger players across the teams in this program. View program, schedule and pricing for u9-u12 Boys and u9-u12 Girls| Register now

Train to Train & Train to Compete (U13-U18)

Our U13-U18 Competitive Program is for players who want to take their game to the next level and beyond. As OCSC has these different tiers at this level, all players are welcome to try out. As scores and standings become more relevant as metrics for success although our club still prioritizes player development over winning. Competitiveness increases is important and teams are no longer be balanced as we group players by calibre to give them every opportunity to be challenged and succeed. At this level, our goal is to field a Premier, district T1 and district T2 team at every age group. Player movement between these teams remains possible as players develop at different times. View program, schedule and pricing for u13+ Boys and u13+ Girls | Register now

Fall program (U8 – U18, Premier, Competitive, Select)

Our intensive Fall Competitive program runs for 6-7 weeks and combines individual player training, functional team training, and games to create a well-balanced program. It starts after the summer session (second or third week of September) and runs until the end of October.

  • Premier program includes 4 sessions/week, games, one tournament
  • Competitive program includes 2 Training sessions/week
  • Select program includes Saturday practices and Sunday games (small sided and full), $TBC, program#: FALL110

View program, schedule and pricing | Register now