Quick update on the information provided to us about Dome Procedures;

Algonquin – Same policy in place, as previous. Direction from President of Algonquin College. Requiring the Vaccination Passports along with daily self-screening. Please note that everyone coming will be to have the enhanced QR code Government issued vaccine passport in order to enter.

RA Centre – TBC

Ben Franklin
  • Starting March 1,2022 we will no longer require patrons of the Superdomes to show proof of vaccination or identification.
  • The 50% capacity limits are lifted as of March 1, 2022, so we will also be allowing spectators back into the facilities.
  • Masks remain mandatory. We will continue to provide hand sanitizer throughout the domes.
Sooners Dome
We are excited to announce that the province of Ontario has decided to drop some of the Covid-19 mandates. As of March 1 2022 The Mega Dome will NO LONGER require proof of a Covid-19 vaccination, also as of March 1 2022 The Mega Dome WILL be allowing spectators back into the facility with no capacity restrictions. Please note that we will be getting stricter with mask wearing inside the facility, if any patron is caught not wearing a mask, they will be asked to leave. Please also remind patrons that there are no outdoor shoes allowed in the facility. We are extremely happy that things are starting to get back to normal and we appreciate all of your cooperation throughout these tough times. Hopefully we have reached a point that things remain open and no further restrictions will be necessary.