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Equipment & Uniforms2022-02-03T23:35:41-05:00

Please also see Important Info under OUR PROGRAMS

Do I need to buy a uniform?
Please see the club’s uniform Policy.

Uniform Policy (effective 08/21)

More information available here for Winter 2022 and Summer 2022

What equipment is required?
Players are required to wear regular soccer kit: shorts, t-shirt, shin guards (mandatory). Proper footwear is required (see below). Cleats are strongly recommended for outdoor and turf fields. These are NOT provided by the club. Only water is allowed in gyms and domes.

Indoor turf fields – outdoor cleats recommended; players can also purchase turf specific shoes (not a necessity). It is recommended that players do not wear indoor cleats (aka Flats) or running shoes* as they do not grip as well.
* Players U9 and below can wear running shoes, however outdoor cleats are best.

Gym Sessions – indoor shoes (aka Flats) or running shoes are recommended.

Please explain competitive assessments2021-02-11T15:15:47-05:00

Are there assessment fees in addition to registration fees?
Rep/Representative-Competitive Fees – Assessment fees are automatically added to our Outdoor competitive registration fees and thus must be paid prior to assessments (48 hours).  Assessment fees cannot be separated from registration fees so please be aware of our Refund Policy (under Club Info) if you are not committed to soccer with our Club for the season.  We do not charge assessment fees separate from season registration fees as we have found it is more effective to provide refunds to players who choose to leave the Club than re-charge all players who choose to play on teams.

Do I need to register/signup for each tier at my player’s age level?
NO, players register for the outdoor summer season and assessments once.  The assessment schedule will be published; plan to attend ALL the sessions.  If you are released from the initial team/tier, you should plan to attend ALL the assessment sessions at the next tier … no additional registration/signup is required.

What if my player cannot make every assessment session?
Contact the CTC and coach (Contacts) to let him/her know your player will miss a particular session(s) and why.

Are there assessment fees?
Assessment fees will be added automatically to any Representative Outdoor Representative/Competitive registration and thus must be paid prior to assessments (48 hours).  Assessment fees cannot be separated from registration fees so please be aware of our Refund Policy if you are not committed to soccer with our Club for the season.
We do not charge assessment fees separate from season registration fees as we have found it more effective to provide refunds to players who choose to leave the Club.  Also, In the past, the Club has had teams need to withdraw at late dates due to players committing to a team (having only paid an ‘assessment fee’) and then choosing to play elsewhere.

What if shows my player is not registered for the season?2022-10-14T14:34:48-04:00

Please log into: https://ocsc.uplifterinc.com/

To review your current season registrations.  Review your invoices, to confirm if registration is completed.

How do I make a payment, or complete an unfinished registration?2021-02-03T18:00:23-05:00

How do I make a payment?
In your account homepage, click the purple ‘Make a Payment’ icon on the top right or ‘Receipts’ on the left-hand side menu to see payments pending and be able to pay them.

How do I finish a registration when it has been started in my basket?
Any registrations started but unfinished are in your ‘shopping basket’ at the top right corner.  Log into your account and click on to your ‘basket’ to complete check out.


What is included in my registration fees?2023-01-27T10:47:53-05:00

Ottawa City Soccer Club registration fees include many of the additional costs that some local clubs charge players in addition to registration fees (assessment/try-out fee, and uniform).

All of your fees in one place. In order to save our members time and money we have decided to roll all of your fees into one. Teams will no longer have their own Team Fees or Bank Accounts. Our Team Managers will no longer have to go through the arduous process of creating team budgets or collecting money. There will be ONE registration fee (which can be broken up into manageable monthly payments) which will take care of everything.

What’s Included:

  • Registration Fee
  • League Entry Fee
  • Referee Fees
  • Coaching Fees
  • OS Fees (Insurance etc)
  • Facility Fees/Training and Games
  • Team Equipment
  • Pre-Season Kick Off
  • Festival/Tournament Entries
  • Team Party at Boston Pizza


  • Uniform – additional fee at many other Clubs (Soccer ball and full uniform (jersey, soccer socks and shorts).
  • Field fees for games and regular practices during the season
  • OS player registration fees, required for each player
  • Team equipment: balls, nets, cones and corner flags
  • Referee fees
  • Online registration
  • League team entry fees (RDP U13-U18)

Additional costs (not included in registration fees):

  • Cleats/Shin guards: Players are required to provide their own cleats and shin guards,
    which must be worn at all games and practices. Shin guards are mandatory under OSA
  • Approved headgear is optional.
  • Extra player apparel (track suits, sports bags or other individual gear)
What are my payment options?2021-02-11T15:47:43-05:00

Pay online
Yes, Visa and Mastercard are the preferred payment methods in the secure registration system.  Interac etransfers are also accepted.

Automatic payment options.
Check out our automatic payment plans options – here.

Pay by etransfer?
Complete online registration through the waivers to the payment (VISA/Mastercard) page and stop there.  Send your payment immediately to our office with a note indicating – Name of player and Season of play.  Etransfer password (cash4one).  Your registration is not complete until payment is received.  The program will be left in your basket until your payment is received at which time your registration will be finalized.

Can I come to the office to register and pay?2021-01-18T15:46:14-05:00

Yes, you may come during office hours where staff will assist you with online registration.  Check office hours under Contacts as they are subject to change.

How do I register and when does it start?2021-01-18T15:45:48-05:00

How do I register?
See Registration Hints on our website under Our Programs.  After checking our programming on the website (Our Programs), register in our online system from a ‘Register Now’ at the top of any website page.  Log-in if you have an account; if not, create a new account with ‘SignUp’ (instructions on the left).  Register yourself and then add your child (Profile/Add a Family Member) … ensure to include birth dates for all.  Then click ‘Register Now’ and available programs (based on birth dates) will be listed for registration.

When does registration start?
Early January for the spring/summer and August for the fall/winter.  Once you have registered, your email is in our system and we will be able to email you future registration date notification.

I’m interested in Competitive, but not sure2021-02-11T15:37:06-05:00

Players should contact the Technical Director to discuss options.   Players can participate in winter development and or arrange to participate in competitive training sessions.
Players can also participate in assessments for competitive soccer and if released move to our RDP/Rec program.

What is recreational soccer and competitive soccer?2021-01-18T15:44:26-05:00

Our Youth Recreational Development Program (RDP) is developmentally appropriate.  Players in recreational may not have enough time to commit to the demands of a competitive team.  Generally teams travel shorter distances and practice once per week, play one game per week.
Players are assigned to teams based on field locations.  There are no assessments or tryouts.

Our Youth Representative/Competitive soccer
 is developmentally appropriate.  Players are assessed and assigned to teams to ensure they are playing at a level where they will be challenged and experience success.
Players may have more interest in the time commitment that competitive teams require.  Generally teams travel more and practice 2 times per week and play 1 game per week (but occasionally there may be more, particularly when players are older).

How are players put on teams AND are boys & girls on the same teams?2021-01-18T15:43:58-05:00

Do boys and girls play on the same soccer teams?
Most of our programs are divided by gender except some of the younger RDP/Recreational Development Programs.

How are the players organized into teams?
RDP/Recreational Development Program teams are generally organized by gender, age and field location.
Rep/Representative-Competitive players are assessed and placed on teams based on those skill assessments.

Can I request a friend? A coach? A field?2021-01-18T15:43:21-05:00

Can I request a friend?
Only RDP/Recreational Development players can make a friend request (during the on-line registration process) and the request must be reciprocal (each friend must request the other).

Can I request a coach?
You currently may not request a coach.  This helps avoid unbalanced teams.

Can I request a field?
Not all age groups play at all fields.  You may have a field very close to you but it may be used for another age group or we may not have the permit for that field.

When does the outdoor soccer season start and end?2021-01-18T15:42:51-05:00

RDP/Recreational Development Program start/end varies so please check under OUR PROGRAMS on our website.
Representative/Competitive teams start practicing after the end of assessments (Feb-April) and begin playing regular season games approx May 15th (depends on fields opening) and the season ends in early September.

How old do my kids need to be to play soccer?2021-02-11T15:35:21-05:00

RDP/Recreational Development – your child must turn 4 the calendar year of the outdoor/summer season to register in our U4 program.
Representative Competitive soccer starts at U8 – your child must be a minimum of 7 years old the calendar year of the outdoor/summer season to register in our U8 program.

What is the club’s catchment area and where does OCSC play?2021-01-18T15:41:55-05:00

The club’s catchment area is the central Ottawa and west Ottawa areas?

RDP/Recreational Development Program players:

  • U4-U12 play and practice within our catchment area on Ottawa City SC fields.  Some programs have multiple field options so check the website prio to registraiton.
  • U13-U18 practice and play Home games on their OCSC field (Nepean area) and play Away games within the Ottawa area on a WOSC field (Kanata/Stittsville area).

Rep/Competitive players practice and play within Ottawa and the EODSA and SOSA districts.

Our fields:  Our traditional fields are listed below.  These fields are examples only as annual fields are dependent on our allocation from the City and School Boards.

Alexander Park – U9-12 Rec

Algonquin College

Banner Park – U9-12 Rec

Briargreen- U5-8 Rec

Centrepointe – U13-18 Rec

Central Park – U4-5 Rec

Craig Henry- U13-18 Rec

Grandeur Park

Lincoln Heights – U13-18 Rec

Lynwood Park

Severn Park – U9-12 Rec

Trend Arlington – U4-5 Rec, U9-12 Rec & U13-18 Rec

Westwood – U5-8 Rec

Why am I not receiving emails? Can I unsubscribe from Club emails?2021-02-11T15:33:47-05:00

Why am I not receiving any emails?
You may not be receiving emails because in your registration profile you have indicated ‘No’ to the mailing list opt-in or your email is out of date/incorrect.  Log-in to your account to check.

Can I unsubscribe from Club emails?
Yes, you can remove yourself by using the ‘unsubscribe’ link available in the footer of mass emails.

You can add your email to the monthly newsletter that the club send’s out;

Sign up here:


Can I call the office?2021-01-18T15:40:25-05:00

Yes. The phone is answered during office hours (see office hours under ‘Contacts/Office Hours & Location’, however, the preferred method of contact is via email – be sure to contact the person with the area of responsibility you are needing.

How do I use a credit in my account?2021-01-18T13:26:31-05:00

Where is the Club office located?2023-01-27T10:43:48-05:00

The club office is located at 250 Greenbank Rd. Suite 228 Ottawa ON K2H 8X4.  Office hours are subject to change; check on the website under ‘Contacts/Office Location’.

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