The Club offer multiple payments for programs during the registration process. Club members can maintain secure payment profiles within their PowerUp registration system MemberZone accounts. This allows members easier checkout, and allows our Club to offer automatic credit card payment plans. Read below for more information.

2021 Payment Plans

Due to the Pandemic, we have decided to just take a deposit (commitment to attend the program), and full payment closer to the start date. We are able to adjust the payment dates based on the status of COVID, and the Guidance from the Governing Organizations.

UPDATED July 6, 2021

Recreational: 5% due at time of registration, and balance due July 15, 2021

Summer Camps: 5% due at time of registration, and balance due June 18, 2021

Senior/Adult: 5% due at time of registration, and balance due July 9, 2021 (Note – MOT June 15, 2021)

Competitive Youth: 5% due at time of registration.
25% due – June 12, 2021- 60% due – July 15, 2021 – 10% due – Aug 6, 2021

Please note prior to July 15th instalment the price for our Comp program will be adjusted to reflect the season plans.

If you register AFTER a payment date, you will be charged the immediate payment and any payments prior to your registration date.
All fee payments must be complete by Aug 6, 2021.

Member Payment Profile

  • Your Member Payment Profile is created the first time you make a payment online. It is created and securely stored with Bambora, our credit card payment processing partner, and remains available to the member for re-use in the future, and for the Club to manage automatic payments.
  • Member’s can access and edit their Payment Profile/credit card info by navigating to Profile >> Payment Profile.
    If you have not yet made a payment in the system, you can create a payment profile. Otherwise, a summary of the current payment card will display.
  • On checkout, the Payment Profile will display the “Use Credit Card on File” feature.

Member Payment Profile is used by:

  • Members to facilitate checkout by using the credit card on file.
  • Members to update/change credit card information on file when credit cards are replaced or updated.
  • PowerUp registration system to enact automatic credit card payments.

Important Info

  • The Member Payment Profile is limited to one club. If a member belongs to 2 or more PowerUp clubs, the payment profile will need to be created individually for each club.
  • PowerUp Club administrators do not have access to the Member Payment Profile, nor can it be used to pay for any item by an administrator. Access, editing and use for payment is strictly limited to the member.
  • Deleting Payment Profile: a member is not yet able to delete their card on file. This will be in a future PowerUp release. Note – a member will never be able to delete their payment profile if they have outstanding future automatic credit card payments.
  • Payment Profile Security – PowerUp does not maintain nor save credit card data. Member Payment Profile data and related features are securely provided by Bambora, our credit card payment processing partner.

What You Will See As You Register

You have the option to choose immediate payment in full or instalments for the dates listed. Your credit card will be charged automatically for future instalments.