Ottawa City Soccer Club Refund Policy

The Ottawa City Soccer Club (OCSC) is a non-profit organization and the Club strives to maintain affordable registration fees while ensuring that our members receive the highest level of soccer programming possible. The Club incurs an administrative cost for each player during registration including but not limited to staffing, credit card and debit fees, and facility expenditures. It is because of these costs that the OCSC adheres to a strict refund policy.

This policy and procedure outlines refunds for all Club programs.


Refund requests must be made in writing to the Club by completing this form (, will be considered on an individual basis and accorded as below:

  • Refunds will be processed within 45 business days in the same form as payment (your credit card company may take a day or two longer to show the refund).
  • Etransfer: Payments received by Etransfer or Cash can only be refunded by cheque, and will take longer than our standard 45 business day policy.
  • Refunds are not granted for inclement weather.
  • A doctor’s note is required for cancellations due to medical reasons.
  • Refunds of $50 or less will not be processed; they will be left as a credit in your account.
  • Club credits expire if not used as described below. Contact the Registrar for an exception to this usage. Winter season credits are for use in the following spring/summer season. Spring/summer season credits are for use in the following winter season.


Members are encouraged to review this refund policy carefully prior to completing registration. All refund requests must be submitted via the form (

The Club follows this General Refund Guide when granting refunds / amounts. Not every scenario can be described, and as such, refund amounts are at the Club’s discretion.

General Refund Guide:

FULL Refund: A full refund (subject to minimum 20% administration fee) may be granted up to 30 days prior to the commencement of the program provided the withdrawal doesn’t jeopardize the program’s viability or incur unrecoverable costs. *

[Once acceptance of a competitive Team – completing the online registration – no refunds are provided outside the withdrawal windows (Example: u11 to u16 Aug 15, 2024 to withdrawal from Winter season only, and T/T2 players u9 to U16 Aug 1, 2024 to withdrawal from Fall program).]

PARTIAL Refund: Refunds after commencement of the registration program may be granted and if so, will be pro-rated and subject to a minimum 20% administration fee as well as any unrecoverable costs. *

MEDICAL Refund: Refunds may be granted if the participant’s physical or mental health precludes their participation in a program. Requests must be accompanied by a doctor’s note describing the injury/illness and should include an outlined recovery period. Refunds of this type are subject to the same guidelines as FULL and PARTIAL refunds.

FAMILY RELOCATION Refund: Refunds may be granted if the participant’s family is relocating outside of the Ottawa & Surrounding area. Refunds of this type are subject to the same guidelines as FULL and PARTIAL refunds.


  • Events or circumstances beyond the Club’s control (weather, health orders, etc.) will not be considered cause for refund. The Club will look for reasonable opportunities to provide make-up sessions for cancelled sessions, however, there is no guarantee that fields will be available.
  • Uniforms / Kit cannot be returned once they have been provided to a player.
  • No refunds for suspended or expelled players and/ or parents/guardians.
  • A full refund will be granted (with no administrative fee) in the event OCSC is unable to field a team or provide a suitable program alternative.

* Unrecoverable Costs: These are expenses the Club will not be able to recoup, such as uniforms, equipment, facilities, governing body fees, and other similar expenses.