Ottawa City Soccer T1/T2 Program changes for the 2024

Program Description:

The OCSC T1/T2 programs, in that they are selected in the Feb/March of each year, and their program runs to the end of Oct. Players who do not attend the Feb/March Trials may request a Trial through the contacting the Technical Lead for each program.

Players will generally receive a minimum two team practices, plus a game per week (during summer months).

Players can expect to have 2-3 events per week on average, from late March to the end of Oct.

Most teams compete in two-three events, such OCSC hosted Festival/Tournaments and an away event within 2-3 hour drive from the Ottawa area.  Lastly, registration costs are generally paid on an installment basis, over 5 months after an initial deposit.


View the Website here for further details:


Dependent upon team made, and communicated by the program coordinator to you during the trials.

Fee Includes:   

  • Club Registration
  • Facility Costs
  • Coaching Costs
  • League Entry Costs (summer)
  • Referee Costs
  • Governing body registrations
  • Tournament/ Festival Fees

What is not included:

  • Team social events including year-end parties or team dinners
  • Team gifts / thank-you to coaches
  • Benches
  • Canopies/tents

Parents to Provide:

  • Uniform
  • Soccer equipment
  • Contributions to individual team budget for extra tournaments/festivals and team socials


Your coach is communicated to you at the time of team selection offers

Coaching Qualifications:

All OCSC coaches are mandated to complete all requirements by our governing bodies (Ontario Soccer and Canadian Soccer Association) including their soccer specific training, making ethical decisions, respect in soccer and a valid police check.

Festivals & Tournaments:

Are determined prior to the start of the season and communicated to you

Program Curriculum:

Each coach is provided with access to our club curriculum which focuses on individual skill development within the team environment

Additional Skills Training:

Players within the competitive program have opportunities to attend club camps and skills training. Please see Our website to see the different options available to you.


Programs/ Additional Training Opportunities


March 2024 to end of Oct 2024

  • OCSC will have open trial period during end of February 2024 to early March 2024
  • A player may request a trial/assessment on an individual basis by contacting the appropriate Technical Staff Member.
  • Teams will be finalized after the assessment dates, and players will receive offers from the Technical Staff

Summer Season Length

  • Week of March 18th 2024 to end Mid-Sept 2024

FALL Season Length

  • Mid-Sept 2024 to End of Oct 2024

Families can automatically withdrawal players themselves via the registration system (see FAQ below) from Fall season before Aug 1, 2024, for a refund to be processed.

Season Breaks

  • Summer Competitive League Break – July 22 to Aug 4, 2024

Note- Leagues/facilities could make adjustments that are out of our control, but we will do our best to communicate any changes when they occur.


Registration Policy

“Ottawa City SC strives to provide a fun, safe and rewarding experience for every player. When building our programs our goal is for every child to be appropriately placed, coached, and trained, ensuring an enriched sporting and community experience for all participants.


Payment methods:

Cheques: Not accepted

Credit Cards: Accepted

Electronic Fund Transfer: Accepted

Refund Policy: See our OCSC Refund Policy. In general, and if granted, a full refund (subject to a minimum 20% administration fee) is possible up to 30 days prior to the commencement of a program. After that, if granted, any refund will be pro-rated and less any administrative fees and non-recoverable costs. All refunds are at the discretion of the Executive Director.

Player Placement: Players may be moved from team to team or program to program as required or determined by Ottawa City SC Technical staff. In general, the following applies:

Team based programs:

Select Player Programming:

  • Players selected for teams, or programming levels, will be assigned to appropriate teams based on OCSC Technical staff evaluations.
  • Players will be assigned to their proper Age-Group wherever possible.

Practices & Games – Days and times: Scheduling of our programming is done in consideration of the Club as a whole. There are multiple factors involved and as such we don’t entertain requests.

Kit: All players require a Nike OCSC uniform (lost, outgrown etc.) will be required to purchase a jersey (home & away), Training Shirt, SURF Shirt, shorts and/or socks from the Club. OCSC has committed to purchasing uniforms which will have at minimum a two-year shelf life and are of the highest quality to ensure availability across the next two seasons.  See Parent Handbook for full details.


Refund Policy

Members are encouraged to review this refund policy carefully prior to completing registration. All refund requests must be submitted to [email protected].

The Club follows this General Refund Guide when granting refunds / amounts. Not every scenario can be described, and as such, refund amounts are at the Club’s discretion.

General Refund Guide:

FULL Refund: A full refund (subject to minimum 20% administration fee) may be granted up to 30 days prior to the commencement of the registration program provided the withdrawal doesn’t jeopardize the program’s viability or incur unrecoverable costs. *

[Once acceptance of a competitive Team – completing the online registration – no refunds are provided outside the withdrawal windows (Example: u11 to u16 Aug 15, 2024 to withdrawal from Winter season only, and T/T2 players u9 to U16 Aug 1, 2024 to withdrawal from Fall program).]

PARTIAL Refund: Refunds after commencement of the registration program may be granted and if so, will be pro-rated and subject to a minimum 20% administration fee as well as any unrecoverable costs. *

MEDICAL Refund: Refunds may be granted if the participant’s physical or mental health precludes their participation in a program. Requests must be accompanied by a doctor’s note describing the injury/illness and should include an outlined recovery period. Refunds of this type are subject to the same guidelines as FULL and PARTIAL refunds.

FAMILY RELOCATION Refund: Refunds may be granted if the participant’s family is relocating outside of the soccer district. Refunds of this type are subject to the same guidelines as FULL and PARTIAL refunds.


  • Events or circumstances beyond the Club’s control (weather, health orders, etc.) will not be considered cause for refund. The Club will look for reasonable opportunities to provide make-up sessions for cancelled sessions, however, there is no guarantee that fields will be available.
  • Uniforms / Kit cannot be returned once they have been provided to a player.
  • No refunds for suspended or expelled players and/ or parents/guardians.
  • A full refund will be granted (with no administrative fee) in the event OCSC is unable to field a team or provide a suitable program alternative.

* Unrecoverable Costs: These are expenses the Club will not be able to recoup, such as uniforms, equipment, governing body fees, and other similar expenses.

Competitive Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the club moving to include Fall registration fees?

Once of the most challenging component of managing our competitive programs is the change of seasons, and the administrative work required for each program.  This change allows us to better prepare for the upcoming season, and communicate the schedule updates to family in a responsible timeframe even if some schedules changed due to facility challenges.

Moving to this option means less administrative work for the families when registering for the programs.

Where and when will my child practice?

We are working with the city and our private facilities to determine our field allocations. We know parents need to plan and we are looking to post what we expect will be our schedule as soon as possible (even if subject to change)

What happens if my child’s kit does not fit?

Our kit is based on a two-year cycle starting in 2023. We recommend that families allow for growth when choosing their size. We will be setting up an exchange program for members in the coming months.

Why is the kit on a two-year cycle?

Nike usually limits availability of a jersey design to two years so we have committed to a jersey which will be available for the next two years. Our jersey sponsor agreements are also based on a two year cycle. We have committed to a high quality kit as well which can easily last two years.

What do I do if I lose one of my jerseys?

You will be able to access our exchange program to see if your size is available or you can purchase a new one from the club.

When is registration for OCSC Competitive Program?

The OCSC season begins after March Break, and the club has Team placement sessions starting end of February.  OCSC Commitment Registration is required to be included in the selection for team placement.

We only want to play our child to play on Competitive T1/T2 team during the Summer Season?

Members only wanting to participate in the summer season can self-withdrawal from the program through the registration platform ( before Aug 1, 2024.