How do I know which age group is right for my child?

The birth year of your child dictates what program age group they will play in.

In each program name, the number next to the “U” represents the age your child will by the end of the program session you are registering for. For example, all players in our U6 winter sessions will be 6-years old by the end of the winter season.

For our 2023 winter programs & 2024 Summer Seasons, players are aligned by age to programs as follows:

Born in 2020 -U4 Born in 2019 -U5 Born in 2018 -U6 Born in 2017 – U7
Born in 2016 – U8 Born in 2015 – U9 in 2014 – U10 Born in 2013 – U11
Born in 2012 – U12 Born in 2011 – U13 Born in 2010 – U14 Born in 2009 – U15
Born in 2008 – U16 Born in 2007 – U17 Born in 2006 – U18 Born in 2005 – U19/ Adults


We aim to ensure this first experience is fun and enjoyable and revolves around child-friendly soccer. We will provide an opportunity for ALL players to use their imaginations, be creative and learn through trial and error. Mistakes are OK. Our coaches will make the soccer experience a challenging, positive and nurturing one for all young players regardless of ability, that leads into our Competitive and Soccer for Life streams.

Age range: U3 to U8


Primarily for those who want to learn or just enjoy the sport, our Recreational soccer programs offer fun, active practices and league games that are meaningful but not overly competitive. Our Recreational program is available for whoever wants to play: there are no tryouts or prerequisites. Players can develop and play year-round without the emphasis on high-level competition, tournaments, or travel.

Age range: U9 to U18


For those who seek more challenges and are more serious about the game, our Competitive program will significantly strengthen players’ technical skills, abilities, strength, and game-related decision-making.

Providing a high-level of instruction and training, OCSC offers a complete pathway for promising players who are more committed to soccer and interested in challenge, improvement, tournaments, and playing other clubs.

Age range: U6 to U21


For select elite players seeking to play with “the best of the best”, the OCSC Surf program offers the finest development experience and player pathway in the Capital region. Our Surf players compete with top players across North America and internationally within a world-class program that has resulted in thousands of scholarships and propelled players into the MLS and every national league in Canada and the US.

Age range: U11 to U18


Players ages 5-99 with developmental disabilities can get active and have fun while learning soccer-related skills.  Activities are tailored to suit the intellectual and physical abilities of each player.  No athletic experience required.  Watch from the sidelines while your child or family member makes friends and participates in a lively summer pastime. Smiling is an asset.


OCSC Soccer offers adult soccer play at both the recreational and competitive levels.

Age range: U19 to MASTERS