For players looking for a competitive environment and who have the commitment and desire to improve. Our Club offers teams at various tiers (skill levels)

Program Descriptions

Active Start (2017-2016)

Future Stars

Our Future Stars program is for players in the U6-U7 age group. This will be a primarily movement based program, teaching players how to run, jump, change direction. Our coaches will create a FUN environment where our players can learn some basic soccer skills with lots of informal play and positive reinforcement. Sessions will be led by members of our full time technical team with support from our Junior Staff who are fantastic role models for our younger players.

Fundamentals (2015)

Early Development Program

Our Early Development Program (EDP) is aimed at U8 Age group. The EDP is a FUN, highly technical based program that will focus on developing key fundamental soccer skills and building game awareness. Players will be guided and instructed by our Technical Staff. Together, our technical group has years of experience and expertise training players at this key developmental stage. The EDP sessions are the perfect place for your child to accelerate their passion for soccer.

Craig Fannan (OCSC Technical Director) had this to say about the program, “This is the perfect program for those players who are looking for something a bit more advanced than our Recreational Program. It puts players in a challenging, ‘like for like’ environment and allows our players the chance to compete with other players in the Ottawa area. Since its inception, this program has been hugely successful and the quality of players graduating from EDP into our competitive stream has been very high”.

Participants will grow in confidence as they improve and develop new skills and increase their ability to control and manipulate the soccer ball through our 30 minute “Skills Zone”. Then they will apply all they have learned in 30 minutes of “Game Zone” fun, exciting 5v5 small-sided street-soccer style games.

Learn To Train (2014-2011)

At the U9-U12 age group we consider individual development and team performance more important than winning a game. We have a club style of play which all teams are expected to adhere to. In each game we will highlight key areas we have worked on in training and our coaches will judge success based on these parameters vs the actual scoreline of the game. It is important that as parents you understand and support our coaches and players with this philosophy.

Train To Train, Train To Compete (2005-2010)

Our U13-U18 Competitive Program is for those players who are wanting to take their game to the next level. All players are welcome to try out as we have different tiers. Scores and Standings start to count and while our Club will still focus on development over winning, our ability to compete in games takes a bigger precedent. Every team we enter must be able to compete and achieve some success at their level. Teams will no longer be balanced as we try and give our players every opportunity to succeed. Our goal will be to create a Premier, DC1 and DC2 team at every age group. Player movement between these teams is possible as we understand that players will develop at different times. For any player who doesn’t make a team we will provide an option within our revamped House League Program.

Additional Programs

Ape Mode – Strength and Conditioning Training

The importance of athletic training within the game has increased drastically over the last 10 years. With proper wellness and training habits taught from a grassroots level we can create a club that not only produces and prepares members for the next level but also helps establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Ape Mode is an external Athletic Training Company. Their philosophy is to maximize athletic performance by implementing targeted training programs. These programs will utilize a variety of different training methods that are strategically periodized and offered in a controlled environment. In this way, athletes will not only increase their fitness but will reduce their risk of injury, broaden their physical skill set, and ultimately, perform at a higher level.

Ottawa City have partnered with Ape Mode to offer a training program which will supplement our team training. Please contact your coach for more information.

By registering, players get access to Ape Mode’s community of vastly experienced coaches along with the below benefits:

• Injury prevention/rehabilitation

• Increase in performance

• Player development/identity

• Mental health

• Goal setting and tracking

• Wellness Routines

Additional Information

Technical Performance Training

At Ottawa City we truly believe that a quality training environment is vital if players are to progress Long Term. As a result, Ottawa City Soccer Club offers Technical Performance Training (TPT) included in our outdoor team registration fees for each player at the U8-U18 age levels.

These sessions will follow a pre-planned curriculum working on all aspects of the game: technical, tactical, physical,psychological and social. This holistic approach lays the foundation for them to progress in their journey and maximize their potential. We use a periodization model with key topics worked on throughout the season and ensuring we are not merely reacting to the weekend’s performance.

The TPT covers:

  • Progression of key game concepts which are age and stage appropriate
  • Developing technical proficiency and consistency,
  • Ensuring the player-athlete is catered for within their development,
  • Assist with supporting the players in development of a growth mind-set.

The sessions will be designed by the Club’s Technical Team, and delivered by the Club’s Coaching Staff with support from the Technical Staff. Sessions are included within the competitive calendar and players will work within their assigned teams.


The objective of our Competitive program is to deliver high quality coaching and programming which will enable our players to develop their soccer, teamwork, and sportsmanship skills to the highest levels. We create a safe environment where players are allowed to express themselves without fear of retribution. We understand players will have many different goals from sport and our individual approach to coaching and weekly evaluations will ensure these goals are met.

Please note before registering, that by signing up to play competitive soccer you are making a commitment to a team. Regardless of the tier, players are expected to attend every training session and game. Premier Teams will have 4 events per week. District Development /District Competitive Tier 1/2 Teams will have 3 events per week. This includes some weekend training and festivals. Travel to games will also be required which will depend on the makeup of the league (some games take place in Cornwall, Kingston).

Anyone not maintaining a 85% attendance record may be removed from a team.

The season will start on March 20th and run through until September 10th.

Fee Information

All of your fees in one place. In order to save our members time and money we have decided to roll all of your fees into one. Teams will no longer have their own Team Fees or Bank Accounts. Our Team Managers will no longer have to go through the arduous process of creating team budgets or collecting money. There will be ONE registration fee (which can be broken up into manageable monthly payments) which will take care of everything.

Payment Plan Information

Registration fees are set up to be paid by instalments: An initial payment & then remainder divided into 6 monthly payments

(Feb 15th, Mar 15th, Apr 15th, May 15th, Jun 15th & Jul 15th)

What’s Included: Registration Fee – League/Exhibition Game Fees – Referee Fees – Coaching Fees – OS Fees (Insurance etc) – Facility Fees – Team Equipment – Pre-Season – Events as posted on Boys or Girls Competitive Page – Team Party at Boston Pizza

Premier Team fees also include: Fall Season, 1 additional training session per week, and events as outlined on the Boys or Girls Competitive Pages.

Please review our Key Season Dates and Information for further details on dates and details of events and programming schedules.


At Ottawa City we believe that parents are a huge part of a players journey and experience within the game. While we ask that you support the coaches and refrain from coaching from the sideline we believe in open lines of communication. Our coaches will provide weekly reviews with updates about training and thoughts from the games.

At OCSC you will find a fully integrated technical staff who are completely committed to improving every player in our care regardless of tier. We pride ourselves in being transparent and clear in our communications. If you have questions about how your child is developing in the club please just reach out.

We utilize teamsnap across our entire club. Schedules will be uploaded and updated consistently so you never miss a session. Changes are made at the click of a button so any last minute cancellations can be communicated quickly. All we ask is that you keep up to date and plug in your child’s availability for each session.


At Ottawa City we run year round assessments. If you wish to schedule an assessment please just contact our Technical Director on the email below.

Our official assessments in preparation for the 2023 Season will take place from February 25th through until March 9th.

Offers will then be sent out by March 15th with team training starting on March 20th.

Please check back for the full assessment schedule,


Please fill our new player questionnaire to schedule an assessment.