OCSC Head Referee
Osman Saatci
[email protected]

What is the Role of the Head Referee?

The Ottawa City Soccer Club Head Referee is responsible for developing and proposing recommended programs in accordance with the principles of the OS’s Long Term Player Development model and Referee Program.

The Club Head Referee is for managing matters directly relating to club referees including (but not limited to) referee recruitment, education, and development/training within the Club.

The Head Referee ensures referee recruitment, education, retention and development, including:

  • Providing/organizing OS mini and entry level Referee clinics.
  • Scheduling pre-season ERSL Assistant Referee clinics.
  • Organizing Referee Education courses and seminars.
  • Educating club referees on Club rules of play to ensure consistency.
  • A general guideline is several sessions will be offered pre-season, one mid-season as well as one post-season debriefing.
  • Developing for club approval an assessment process and assessment form.
  • Assessing club referees’ performance throughout the season and providing individual feedback.
  • Club referee mentoring and assessing referee performance throughout the season.
  • Be present on-site at all the club’s festivals and tournaments.