What is Surf?

A global leader in the youth soccer landscape, the Surf brand is renowned for professionalism, high-quality coaching, elite event management, and a deep commitment to player development.

Producing players considered to be among the best in the sport, Surf has been creating the best soccer experiences and opportunities for young athletes across North America for more than 45 years.  The program has propelled players into thousands of college and university scholarships and every national league in the US and Canada. It is one of the only established pathways for those serious about playing college/university and professional soccer.

Benefits of OSCS Surf

The Ottawa City Soccer Club is one of only four clubs in Canada to qualify for membership in Surf Nation. Our affiliation allows our directors and coaches access to the Surf Curriculum so that our Surf players can take advantage of what the best coaches and players in the world are teaching and learning.

Among the benefits that come from being a part of Surf Nation is the Surf Select program which brings together the most talented players and coaches from all Surf Nation.  Each year, players from Ottawa City Soccer Club can be selected to participate in regional and/or national Surf Select ID events. Players attending the Regional Event train with other elite players and affiliated teams within the Northeast to be selected for the National ID Camp, an event held in California and involving 70+ affiliated clubs across North America.

Players chosen for one of the Surf Select Teams play alongside and against the best players and teams in top tournaments in North America, South America, and Europe.  Over the years, Surf Select teams have participated in such prestigious events as the Easter Cup International (Florida), Surf Cup (California), USA Cup (Maine), Premier SuperCopa (America’s Championship), BH Cup (Brazil), Valencia Cup (Spain), SuperCupNI  (Ireland), Royal Pre-Season Cup (England), and the Surf Cup International (Spain).

For older players, Surf College Cup showcase tournaments attract 200,000 players, 2,000 college coaches and scouts, and 490,000 attendees each year.  Surf also hosts events that enable players to play in front of professional scouts.

In 2023 alone, OCSC Surf players played in San Diego, Boston, and Orlando and represented our club in tournaments in United States, Spain, England, and Ireland. More than just exceptional soccer events, our Surf program connected them with unforgettable life experiences.

How to join the OCSC Surf program

Players join our Surf program by invitation only, although parents can express their interest to their Competitive coaches. The path to becoming a Surf player is to work hard and excel in our Competitive program.  Premier level players are identified as candidates for our Surf program based on their abilities, commitment, level of play, and how they practice.

Surf age categories

Our Surf stream for player development is accessible to players from U11-U12 (Surf Youngers) and U13-U18 (Surf Olders).

Additional details

For more information about the OCSC Surf Program, we invite you to contact Craig Kelly, the Director of our Surf Program, at [email protected].