The Surf Select program brings together the most talented players and coaches from all Surf Nation to compete together under the Surf banner at the highest levels and in front of college coaches and professional scouts.

Through a series of local, regional and national events, players within Surf Nation, will be selected to represent the club in national and international competitions.


The first selection happens at the club level, with the Directors of Coaching submitting players recommendations to Surf Nation.

Players are then invited to regional and national events: 3/4-day residential camps where players have the opportunity to showcase in front of the Surf Select coaches.

These events include player off the field education to the the Surf core values and to the game!


The ‘Best of the Best’ players selected through our identification process will have the opportunity in 2021 to represent the whole Surf Nation in some of the best national and international youth soccer competitions.

*Due to the ever-changing covid-19 situation, all 2021 events are TBC.


2010: Surf International Cup

2009: Surf International Cup

2008: Surf International Cup

2007: Benfica SL Pro Youth Experience

2006: College ID Camp + Surf Cup

2005: College ID Camp + Surf Cup

2004: Super Cup NI


2010: Surf International Cup

2009: Surf International Cup

2008: Super Cup NI

2007: Scotland Pro Youth Experience

2006: Super Cup NI

2005: College ID Camp + Surf Cup

2004: College ID Camp + Surf Cup