Incident Report Procedure & Form


What type of incident should be reported to OCSC?
Behaviour counter to any applicable Club code of conduct by a Club member or a non-Club member as well as any other incidents one may feel need to be reported.

When to submit an incident report?
Within 24 hours of the incident of concern (if possible). If unsure, you may file a report or contact the Executive Director to discuss the incident ([email protected]).

Leagues: Please note that the ERSL and OCSL have extensive procedures surrounding on field player behaviour during games, especially as it relates to red cards.
Incidents taking place in U12 and under recreational development play should be reported to the Club.

How to submit a report?
Fill out the OCSC Incident report form.
Submit the form by email to the following club officials. Remember to keep a copy for your records.

OCSC Executive Director ([email protected])

OCSC Registrar ([email protected])

INJURY & INSURANCE (updated1Sep2017)

Ontario Soccer provides accident insurance to all registrants participating in ‘sanctioned activity.’
Ontario Soccer is serviced in this area by HKMB HUB International, who provides a comprehensive insurance program specifically designed for Ontario Soccer.

Ontario Soccer website page on insurance: here
(includes link to HUB insurance provider)

Changes to insurance claims process:
Accident Claim Submission
When submitting a claim:
All forms (5 pages) must be complete by the claimant and the Attending Physician
Forms must be validated by the participant’s CLUB OR ACADEMY
Forms must be sent to Chubb Life Insurance Company of Canada directly with any
copies of receipts, etc. within 30 days of the accident. Chubb will be in contact with the
claimant directly.