Tournament Rules

Note: This tournament will be run in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Eastern Ontario Soccer Association, Ontario Soccer and FIFA.

Important U9-U12 note: Referees for the festival games will be also be using the following rules for U9-U12 play as established by the East Region Soccer League. Please ensure coaches are aware of these rules.

PLAYING RULES (updated Nov23)

1. Eligibility

All participating teams MUST be currently registered with their provincial or national Association. All teams from outside the EODSA district must present an authorized Travel Permit from their governing body. Game sheets will be printed by the tournament committee using the roster entered when registering but all copies will be at the field of play (provided to the referee). One game sheet must then be submitted before the start of each game. Tournament officials may check the games sheets against the master team roster.

Approved player cards, complete with photograph, are to be presented to the Tournament Committee at registration. EODSA teams must also present the official OS Team Roster Report. Note guest players may play down a level, i.e. Level 1 at Level 2, 3 at Level 4, etc. However Level 1 cannot play Level 4, Level 3 cannot play Level 5 etc. This is permitted due to the different levels, divisions and league classifications throughout the province and the fact teams are seeded in divisions where there may be a combination of Level 3 and 4 teams or Level 4 and 5 teams in the same division. A player can only be registered for and play for one single team during the tournament

The Committee and host club will not be held liable for any injuries to any participant in the tournament on or off the fields. All out of province teams must carry and supply proof of personal injury liability insurance while participating in the event. The KITC Tournament is a U8 – U18 age division tournament. U8-U12 is a festival and U13-U18 is a tournament. U8-U10 will play 7vs7, U11-U12 will play 9vs9 & U13-U18 will play 11vs11. We will run pools for each age group where numbers permit. The tournament will be held at Ben Franklin Park and other nearby fields.

Registration is completed ONLINE – details sent in communication emails upon acceptance.

2. Guest Players

• Tournament

In the event a team wishes to register a player who normally plays on another team in another club, the player must use a “Temporary Eligibility Permit”. The Temporary Eligibility Permit issued by the player’s District Association must stipulate for which tournament the permit is valid and entitles the player to play in all the games of the tournament. The number of guest players must not exceed the OS limit that is a maximum of 3 players from any team providing the player meets the age requirements of the tournament. Three additional players from within the team’s club are permitted. All guest players must supply and carry proof of registration. Players playing up from the same club only need to provide player Card. EODSA clubs must also supply the TRR of the team they are coming from.

• Festival

All players must be registered with their own club.

3. Roster

Team rosters will be limited to eighteen (20) players for U13-U18, sixteen (16) players for U11 & U12, twelve (12) players for U9 to U10 & ten (10) players for U8. Registration cards/books may be inspected at any time during the tournament.

4. Weather

a) Due to the possibility severe thunderstorms may occur during the tournament, it is necessary that all attending teams understand the procedures to be followed. Coaches and their teams must present themselves to a tournament official in the vicinity of their playing field at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off, regardless of weather conditions. Players, however, do not have to be present on the field until it is determined that the game will be played. In the event of conditions that may be hazardous to the players and spectators, the referee or the Tournament Committee will suspend play until conditions permit a safe continuation of the schedule. Only the referee and/or the Tournament Committee are authorized to postpone a game. It is important that 1 team official presents themselves to the field convenor in the event a game is suspended immediately following the suspension of play.

b) During round-robin series, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to shorten the length of any game in an effort to ensure that all games are played. Further, if necessary due to extreme weather conditions, the Committee may cancel any game that does not have a bearing on the final standing of any group.

c) Should a game be terminated due to weather conditions after the first half of play has been completed, the game shall be considered complete and the score at termination shall stand as the final result.

5. Forfeits

a) If a team is unable to field 7 players for U13-U17, 7 players for U11-U12 and 5 players for U8-U11 ten (10) minutes after the scheduled starting time, the game shall be forfeited, unless the offending team is able to present an explanation that the Tournament Committee accepts as reasonable for its late arrival. The forfeited game will be recorded as a 2 – 0 victory for U13+.

b) If a team forfeits its last game of the round-robin series, all games played by that team in the tournament shall be eliminated and all of their opponents will receive a 4 – 0 victory and three (3) points, regardless of the actual game scores. The offending team shall be assessed a $100.00 fine which shall be payable within thirty (30) days. In the event the fine is not paid, the appropriate district association and the Ontario Soccer shall be notified of the team’s performance and appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken. The Tournament Committee will also take disciplinary action. They may also be reported to the EODSA.

6. Tournament Standings (For U13-U18 only. U8-U12 will not have standings)

a) The round-robin standings will be determined by the following criteria.

Points will be awarded:

Win 3 points

Tie 1 point

Loss 0 points

Points awarded according to the above scheme will establish the standings of the teams.

In the event two teams are tied in points at the end of bracket play, the teams to advance will be determined as follows:

1. The winner in head to head competition

2. Best goal differential in overall competition

3. The team with the least goals against.

4. Most total wins

5. Most shutouts

6. Goals For

7. Fewest bad behaviour cards red or yellow

6. If a tie still exists after steps 1 through 7, a coin toss will be made with two tournament officials present the result of which will then be communicated to each team manager.

In the event three or more teams are tied in points at the end of bracket play or in the determination of a wild card team, the tournament will look to eliminate or advance teams based on applying criteria 2 through 6 above until teams are advanced or eliminated. After applying each tie-breaking criteria, the tournament will attempt to fill the spot(s) available from the remaining teams. If a tie prevents all spots from being filled, the teams who qualify will be advanced, the teams not involved in the tie for the remaining spots will be not be advanced, and the teams tied for the remaining spots will be evaluated under the next criteria on the list. In the event that all tie-breaking procedures have left three or more teams tied, team names will be randomly selected by draw by at least two tournament officials present the result of which will then be communicated to each team manager.

7. Playoffs

Minimum of 3 games with opportunity for Championship Match in most of the U13-U18 brackets/flights/divisions.

Divisions of 4 will play all teams in their bracket, and top 2 teams in the bracket will advance to the final.

Divisions of 5 will play 4 games and top 2 teams after all games in the division will be awarded Gold and Silver.

Divisions of 6 will consist of two (2) brackets of three (3) teams. Three teams from one bracket will play three teams from the opposite bracket. This is called cross-play. The top two teams with the highest points from all six teams, across both brackets will advance to the Final.

Divisions of 8 will consist of two (2) brackets of four (4) teams. Each team will play the others within its bracket for a total of three (3) preliminary games with the top team in each bracket advancing to the Final.

Division of 10 will consist of two (2) brackets of five (5) teams. Each team will play the others within its bracket for a total of four (4) preliminary games with the top team in each bracket advancing to the Final.

If a team withdraws after the entry deadline, leaving an odd number of teams in a division, the tournament committee reserves the right to determine the finalists in whatever manner best fits the number of teams remaining in the division.

Final games that end in a tie shall be decided by FIFA rules shootout. No overtime will be played.

PLEASE NOTE: U8 to U12 is festival only & will play 2-3 games. No scores or standings will be kept.

8. Conduct of Tournament

The decisions of the Tournament Committee regarding the conduct of the tournament shall be final. The referee’s decisions shall be final, so far as the results of the game is concerned. The referee is the sole timekeeper of the game.

9. Discipline Committee

All reports submitted by game officials for cautions and dismissals will be reviewed by the Tournament Discipline committee at the conclusion of each game, who will then render a decision in accordance with the Standard Penalties established by the Ontario Soccer Discipline Policies. The accused has the right to be heard under the Discipline by Hearing (DBH) System. All misconduct reports will be submitted to the EODSA.

10. Protests

All protests must be in writing and submitted to the Tournament Headquarters (as designated by the Tournament Committee) together with a cash fee of $50.00 within one hour of the game to which the protest relates. No protest on the referee’s decisions shall be entertained. One representative from each team will appear before the Tournament Discipline Committee. The fee will be refunded only where the protest is upheld.

11. Substitutions

Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed at the following times with the approval of the referee.

a) on goal kicks,

b) after a goal has been scored,

c) on your own throw-ins, at which time the other team may also make a change.

d) at the beginning of the second half.

Note that in the event of an injury, substitution will be allowed for the injured player only.

12. Position of Teams

Teams are asked to be at the fields for all scheduled games at least 15 minutes prior to Kick Off.

Teams (players and coaches) will take up positions on the same side of the field on opposite sides of the centre field line. All players and coaches shall restrict their movement to an area no closer than 10 meters of the centre line and 2 meters back from the touch line. Spectators must watch the game from the opposite side of the field.

13. Playing Equipment

Each team shall have two sets of different coloured jerseys. In the event of a conflict of jersey colours, the first team (Home team) listed on the schedule shall be required to change. The goaltender’s jersey must be distinct from those of their team, the opposing team and the referee. Each player must wear a numbered shirt with the number assigned to the player on the team list. All players must wear shoes that conform to the requirements of FIFA Law IV. Shin guards are mandatory. U8 to U12 games shall be played with size four (4) ball. All other games (U13 and up) shall be played with a size five (5) ball. The tournament will provide a game ball.

14. Linesman

Depending on the availability of officials for the event, linesmen are NOT always provided for round robin games or quarter-finals. Each team will be required to provide one linesman. Linesmen will be provided for final games.

15. Duration of Game

a) The following competitions shall not exceed the permitted time limit per day:

i. Under-13 and Under-14 not to exceed 150 minutes per day

ii. Under-15 and older not to exceed 180 minutes per day

b) There must be a minimum of one hour between each game played by any team

Please review the Tournament page for details.

16. Cautions/Ejections

a) Cautions/Yellow Cards – if a player receives two (2) cautions during the tournament, the circumstances surrounding the cautions will be reviewed by the Tournament Discipline Committee. If the Committee deems the cautions to be of a serious nature, a one (1) game suspension may be handed down. Those under suspension will sit for their team’s next game. A third caution will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension.

b) Ejections/Red Cards – all ejections/red cards will be reviewed by the Discipline Committee and the appropriate suspensions will be rendered in accordance with the mandatory minimums as established by the Ontario Soccer.

c) In the U8-U11 mini divisions, players receiving a red card resulting from deliberately handling the ball preventing a goal shall sit out the remainder of the game but a substitution will be permitted. The player is not suspended for any subsequent games. Red cards for other reasons such as serious foul play, violent conduct, or foul and abusive language directed at the game official shall result in the player’s dismissal from the game, no substitutions will be permitted and the player will face the normal OSA suspension.

17. Conduct

The Tournament Committee relies upon the coaches to set an example of conduct and sportsmanship and to exercise all the necessary control over their players and associated parents and spectators. The tournament will not tolerate foul and abusive language. Excessive noise making devices will not be permitted. These include air horns, car horns, vuvuzelas, etc. Also please note that smoking will not be permitted in the area directly around the playing field. We respectfully request that smoking be confined to areas away from the athletes.

18. Cancellations/Refund Policy;

Where an age group is cancelled, a full refund will be given to each team that has entered the
tournament and for which we have received payment.
Where an age group has not been cancelled, a refund may be given to the team based on the
following conditions:

  • If the age group has been placed in jeopardy (not enough teams for the age group) then there is no refund for the team that has placed the age group in jeopardy;
  • If the request was made prior to 18 days before the tournament, then there will be a pro-rated refund given; the tournament committee will decide on the amount;
  • If the request was made prior to 21 days before the tournament, then there will be a full refund given less a $75 administration fee and less the credit card processing fee.;
  • If a team does not show for the tournament, no refund will be given; If a team in an age group does not show for the tournament and the remaining teams do not play the guaranteed 3 games in the tournament, then a pro-rated refund will be given to the remaining teams; the tournament committee will decide on the amount;
  • In each case, each team requesting or qualifying for a refund will be reviewed by the tournament committee who will decide on the amount of the refund.

19. Age requirements;

U-8 2016 or later

U-9 2015 or later

U-10 2014 or later

U-11 2013 or later

U-12 2012 or later

U-13 2011 or later

U-14 2010 or later

U-15 2009 or later

U-16 2008 or later

U-17 2007 or later

U-18 2006

20. U8- U12 Additional rules.

U8 to U10: There are no offsides and throw-ins are replaced by kickins and dribble ins.

U11 & U12: There are offsides and throw-ins

All free kicks are direct for the U8 to 10 age group.

21. Tournament Organizing Committee

The Tournament Organizing Committee will be responsible for all matters pertaining to the organizing and running of this Tournament. With respect to any question relating to the interpretation of these Rules and Procedures (other than matters that fall exclusively within the coverage of the Tournament Discipline Committee) or for any matter not specifically addressed by these Rules and Procedures, the Tournament Organizing Committee will, upon hearing a representation of no longer than five minutes duration from each of the teams that is affected by the issue at hand, make a final and binding decision. There will be no appeals from this decision.

Please note the Tournament Committee reserves the right to make changes in the schedule including changes to the semi-final and final matches.

Out of district teams must produce a travel permit from their home district association authorizing them to do so. All players must be registered to participate in the tournament class. Unregistered players/teams will not be permitted to participate. Out of province teams must carry, and supply proof of, insurance for injury and liability while participating in the event.

As part of province-wide efforts to implement OSA LTPD guidelines, U9, U10, U11 and U12 will play in a one-day Festival format. U9-U12 will play 2/3 games. More details on the Festival format will be published as they become available.

Applications received first have the best chance of being accepted, however consideration will also be given to those clubs having participated in the past, as recognition for having helped make our annual tournament a success.

Please contact the Tournament Coordinator at [email protected]