Soccer 4 Life – (2008-2003)

OCSC’s Soccer 4 Life Recreational program. 

Season Length

Season will start the week of July July 19th.

The game and practice schedules will be available in Teamsnap (an invitation will be sent once schedules and start date as been determined. We plan to have 10-12 games scheduled from the week of July 19th to Sept 16th, 2021

For U13-18, games will start at 6:30 pm and most practices will also start at 6:30pm or 730pm.
There may be some exceptions due to coach and field availability.

For Summer 2021, due to the pandemic restrictions, there will not be a U13-18 Tournament.


Practice fields – Nepean/ Ottawa West area

Games – Home Games – Nepean/ Ottawa West area, and half games are in Kanata area (as we play teams from another club (WOS).

For the U13-18 age groups, there may be some teams participating in our Rec League from outside of the club. This will mean that 6 times during the season teams will have a game outside the clubs normal playing boundaries.

Coaches: Volunteer

Max- 22 players per team

Fee: $258

Age Group Game Night Game Duration Practice Night Practice Duration
2008-2007 U13-14 Boys Rec – 11v11 Wednesday 2x 40 min halves Monday 90 min
2006-2005 U15-16 Boys – 11v11 Thursday 2x 45 min halves Tuesday 90 min
2004-2003 U17-18 Boys – 11v11 Monday 2x 45 min halves Wednesday 90 min
2008-2007 U13-14 Girls Rec – 11v11 Thursday 2x 40 min halves Tuesday 90 min
2006-2005 U15-16 Girls – 11v11 Wednesday 2x 45 min halves Monday 90 min
2004-2003 U17-18 Girls – 11v11 Tuesday 2x 45 min halves Thursday 90 min