Ottawa City Soccer is decidedly different from other clubs in the region. These are just some of the characteristics and benefits that set us apart.

We offer three exceptional programs in one great club.

Whether you target Recreational league fun, Competitive level challenges, or want to develop alongside North America’s best of the best in our Surf program, we offer an exceptional soccer experience for every player.  OCSC players can evolve within increasingly more competitive programs and rise to the highest levels of the game.

We’re part of the world-renowned Surf Nation.

Being a member of the exclusive Surf network connects our players and coaches with elite training resources, high-quality programming, and a complete pathway for elite and regional players. Our Ottawa City Surf players have the opportunity to compete in the best international and domestic events within an elite program that has resulted in thousands of scholarships and propelled players into the MLS and every national league in Canada and the US.  The best practices and techniques that we employ at our top level of our club are also introduced into our other competitive and recreational programs to the benefit of all of our club members.

Exceptional value at a reasonable price.

When you consider the reasonable price of our high-quality programs, all that they encompass, and the expertise and care with which they are delivered, the value of what Ottawa City Soccer offers is simply beyond that of other clubs.

We accommodate and support muti-sport athletes.

Many clubs demand that young players demonstrate their commitment to soccer by dropping other sports. The Ottawa City Soccer Club appreciates how participation in different sports can cultivate talented, well-rounded athletes.  We walk that talk by encouraging and accommodating multi-sport athletes.  While we believe that Competitive level players who are serious about soccer should begin to specialize by the ages of 13 or 14, we don’t ask parents to limit the development and enjoyment that their younger children gain from playing other sports.

We develop winners on and off the field.

We’re proud of our reputation for developing strong teams, talented players, and character. Understanding that many game skills and life skills are intertwined, we coach in ways that also prepare young people to succeed off the field in school, relationships, in the community, and elsewhere.  Within our club and its programs, young players access encouraging role models, valuable life lessons, leadership perspectives, and foundational skills that transcend sport.

Genuine connections and authentic care.

The kids who play in our club are not soccer players 24/7, so we value them as people and not just as the impactful players that they may become.  This translates into individual care and attention. Within each team, we take the time to appreciate every player, know their circumstances, identify their personal challenges, and understand what else they have going on outside of soccer. More than just essential to addressing their specific needs, our coaches do this because they are terrific people who genuinely care about making a difference in their players’ lives.

We don’t believe in winning at all costs.

Some clubs stake their entire reputation on a winning record and tournament trophies. While those feed egos and reputations, Ottawa City Soccer Club approaches what we do with humility and an acute understanding of our big picture responsibility for developing young players and rewarding the trust that their parents place in us. We prioritize long-term player development over short-term results or our record.  We also give equal attention to our lower tier teams and ensure that all of our competitive teams and players benefit from the same high standards of coaching.

Honestly, our club has a great culture.

When our teams play against other clubs, it is usually easy to see where the OCSC parents are sitting.  Knowing that we’ve got the coaching covered, they can enjoy being supportive fans who encourage from the sidelines.  Throughout our coaching group, teams, staff, and player families, there is a real sense of togetherness that enriches the Ottawa City Soccer Club experience. Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion. People make culture – and our club attracts great people.