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  • Anyone who is twelve (12) years old as of March 1st and is interested in becoming a referee may arrange to attend an entry level referee clinic.


  • These clinics are put on throughout the year, although most are held in the spring. They are normally organized by soccer clubs in each local soccer district, including the Ottawa City Soccer Club. Sometimes a district will put on a clinic on its own. The clinics available are listed on the Ontario Soccer’s “ref centre” website.
  • Go to https://www.refcentre.com/ontario/ search by District EODSA Ottawa City Soccer Club Entry Level Course
  • Each clinic generally is limited to 25 candidates.
  • With the Ottawa City Soccer Club, registration is on a first-paid, first-registered basis. You will be asked to send in full name, address, phone number, email, date of birth, and payment. (Please make your cheques payable to the Ottawa City Soccer Club).
  • If we do not have space in a Club in-house clinic, a candidate may arrange to attend a clinic through any other club or district. You may also contact the Club’s referee development program at [email protected] to arrange a clinic through any other club.
  • Each clinic consists of 16 hours of class for entry level full field games and 8 hours for small sided games and field time with one or two instructors assigned by the OS. There is usually a representative of the club or district in attendance who will help the instructor(s) and referee candidates, particularly with details concerning how officiating for that club works.

Instructor Evaluation & Exam

  • After attending the course, all participants are required to complete the “Clinic Feedback” available on RefCentre. Without completing this step, participants will not be able to graduate.
  • Participants have 48 hours to complete the on-line exam. Once started, the exam must be completed within 1 hour. The on-line exam can be accessed through the participants RefCentre account and will consist of multiple choice questions, including video questions.
  • Video Questions
    Videos are hosted on YouTube. Please ensure participants are aware of any YouTube restrictions at the location where they take the exam.
  • The exams will be automatically marked by RefCentre and participants will be notified by email within 48 hours of completion of the course if they have passed or failed the course.

Exam Outcome

  • Participants achieving an 80% mark or higher will be accredited as a CSA Referee and will be able to referee 9v9 games.
  • Participants failing to achieve 80% will have one opportunity for a re-write exam. This exam will be released and administered by the OS on RefCentre automatically within 48hrs from the end of the course. If participant fails the re-write, they will need to take the Entry Level Clinic over again.


  • Each new referee will need a uniform and equipment.
  • Once properly equipped, the referee will be able to contact the Ottawa City Soccer Club, other clubs, and other leagues to obtain assignments to games.
  • Each new referee will operate in the first year with an identification card provided at the end of the clinic. In each subsequent year, the referee must register with the OS and will receive a new identification card. In subsequent years, each referee may be eligible to upgrade to a higher classification through the development process.

For more information about becoming a referee, please send the following info to our Head Referee

Your full name
Mailing address
Date of birth
Phone number(s) & email

More detailed information will be sent once clinic registration is complete.