Ottawa City Soccer Club has a Sports Science Department, the Department takes a Long Term Approach to Athletic Development.

As the game progresses through time, so do the demands of the athletes involved. The SportScience Department was developed to assist and guide OCSC players to achieve maximal potential in an ever-changing game of soccer. While focusing on the fundamental movement patterns we are able to introduce certain aspects of strength and conditioning to develop an “all-around” athlete.  These aspects include but are not limited to: fundamental movements, speed, agility, aerobic endurance, repeated sprint ability, strength, and power. 


Our partners that assist OCSC in our athlete’s long term Development

Algonquin Sports Therapy Clinic is dedicated to providing the best possible care available. Whether it be acute injury pain, post surgery, or any other pain, we’ll get you better fast.

Our goal is to provide treatment and education to our players to bring them back to their healthy and active life style through prevention, treatment, and reconditioning of injuries.

The concept behind Adaptive State is simple: to be adaptive.

To be in a state of readiness for anything life throws at you. Whether it’s more easily bouncing back from an injury; being able to sign up for a new sport or activity without fear of injury or feeling limited by your conditioning; being ready to perform if you get invited to a development camp in your sport; or simply being able to play with your kids and grandkids without limitation, even when they want you to climb a complex play structure.


OCSC offers Sports Psychology sessions for our athletes.

Louis Ross who is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Training. The sessions will include: Overcoming Nerves, Managing Mistakes, Creating a Growth Mindset, Motivation, and Goal Setting. The sessions will include interactive workshops as well as a take-home booklet to complete weekly tasks.